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The Sheltered Heart Foundation, Inc. has recently been awarded 501(c)3 non-profit status by the Federal Government.  It is currently looking for properties for a retreat center, and has found a promising spot in west central New Mexico.  Let us know if you want more information as it becomes available.  

Stephanie Jaeger is available for traditional and non-traditional weddings and ceremonies and one-on-one or group consultation.  Contact her at 505-898-6540 or email Stephanie at


Our society is experiencing an increased awareness of the prevalence of child abuse among this and previous generations; and its effects have been attributed as the root cause of many of the social problems which we, as a global community, are facing today.

The Sheltered Heart Foundation will provide educational and experiential opportunities for those who wish to resolve childhood traumas. This charitable trust will be dedicated to the support of victims, perpetrators, and enablers of abuse and the prevention, through education, of further abuse among children and adults.

The Foundation's other goal is for the purpose of establishing and maintaining retreat settings for educational programs, workshops, and seminars which promote peace and cooperation, personal integrity, equal opportunity, and mutual respect. This charitable trust shall serve as a model in its programs for other organizations and individuals who wish to emulate, or affiliate themselves with, our efforts.


Sheltered Heart Foundation is a charitable trust in the process of development which will further the success of Beyond Surviving™ (a weekend workshop designed specifically for adult survivors of child abuse). For the past eighteen years, the instructors of this course have offered effective tools to survivors of childhood traumas who wish to resolve issues from the past and move "beyond surviving." Thousands of individuals have directly benefited from the course and are now leading more joyful and creative lives.

Beyond Surviving was created by Stephanie Jaeger  who was motivated by her own desire for personal recovery to research, discover, and further develop many effective methods for resolving emotional wounds in children, teens, and adults. As previous instructor for Global Relationship Centers, Inc., Ms. Jaeger was inspired by the remarkable effectiveness of Global's courses in empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for creating success in their lives. In designing their own course for those who have suffered abuse, Ms. Jaeger has endeavored to instill that same spirit of success and empowerment. Beyond Surviving is the result of her efforts.

Stephanie Jaeger has been solely responsible for the continuing development of Beyond Surviving as an effective course of education since 1995. By working under the auspices of Sheltered Heart Foundation, Ms. Jaeger plans to expand the scope of Beyond Surviving to include the partners and families of those who are recovering from abuse and to establish an instructor training program so that more courses can be taught across the country and throughout the world. The Sheltered Heart Foundation is designed to support Ms. Jaeger in her efforts to end child abuse.

Stephanie Jaeger is a certified Hypnotherapist in New Mexico and California. She has taught courses in parenting, inner child work, “Aspecting” and personal growth throughout the United States, Russia, and Great Britain.  She is an ordained minister with the Eternal Life Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a non-denominational church which practices in the faith that all spiritual beliefs and religions are sound and genuine.  Rev. Jaeger is founder and creator of  Beyond Surviving™ and serves as an instructor for the course.  She has also recently incorporated The Sheltered Heart Foundation which has been established to provide a safe and loving environment for creating wholeness in the individual in order to create wholeness in the world.


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