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Beyond Surviving - A weekend workshop designed to recover from the effects of abuse or trauma.

Foster Parent Intensive - A one or two day training to help Parents and Professionals in the Foster Care system learn new skills in addressing the particular issues intrinsic in working with, and parenting foster care children.

Aspecting Workshop - A one day seminar to teach the exciting and valuable skill of aspecting; which is a process designed to help people move beyond beliefs and old ideas that may be keeping them from achieving their goals and desires.

Beyond Surviving For Couples - A weekend workshop for couples where one or both of partners is a survivor of abuse or trauma.

Families in Transformation - A 5 day course which is for families wishing to recover from the abuse or trauma that has touch their lives.

Am I Ready? - A half day workshop designed to identify whether or not an individual on the path to recovery is ready for an intensive weekend workshop.

Custom Courses - Stephanie Jaeger has been extremely effective working with organizations, employers, or families in designing one, two, or three day workshops especially for their goals or desired results.


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 We can tailor any of our courses to meet your needs.

Other Services we offer include: Private Counseling and Hypnotherapy, Consulting, and Public Speaking.  Staff are available for individual, couples, and family counseling in person as well as by telephone.

Our staff provide training and consulting for health care and counseling professionals, law enforcement, and other community service professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of the effects of abuse and/or trauma, and to discover more effective ways to address its repercussions in our society.

Rev. Jaeger is available to groups for motivational speaking engagements. She has shared her own experiences and inspired others to commit themselves to achieving their own goals throughout the United States, Russia, and Great Britain.

Instructor Training is offered to those individuals who have completed Beyond Survivingú and who wish to become certified to teach the course. Six weekends of training are required the first year, during which Intern Facilitators are encouraged to assist at regular Beyond Survivingú courses. Four additional weekends of training are required the second year (unless otherwise waived by the Intern Facilitator Training Instructor), during which Intern Facilitators will have an opportunity to teach with a certified Instructor during regular Beyond Survivingú courses.

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