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"As a participant, I found Beyond Surviving to be an incredibly gentle way of exploring painful issues. As a therapist, l found it to be a safe, adjunctive tool for my clients in their recovery from childhood trauma."

– Patty McCarthy, M.A., M.F.C.C., C.S.A.C.

"This course was wonderful! lt gave me the tools to learn to love myself and overcome much of the pain of my childhood."

– Dan Spotts,
Approved Mortgage Corp.

"Beyond Surviving not only helped me to find the child within me but also helped me to re-establish my relationship with my children."

– Sayona Ward, certified instructor
'Redirecting Children's Behavior'

"I found the process in Beyond Surviving a gentle and loving way to resolve my childhood issues. I continue to return as an assistant for the joy of helping and seeing others experience their own profound transformations."

– Debra Critzter, Program Coordinator
Ventura College
Foster and Kinship Care Education Program

"Beyond Surviving is one of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself. It has provided me with many insights into my own life's course and has shown me that life and its experiences do not have to be difficult to be fulfilling. Beyond Surviving is an adventure that I strongly encourage others to take."

– Mark W. Douglas, Financial Strategist
Ward-Douglas Consulting


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